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Problems With Atlas Chalet Shingles

As a three-tab shingle designed to look like an architectural shingle, homeowners achieved the "3-D" effect for much less than the cost of real wood shakes or layered shingles.

Thousands of homes across the southern United States and elsewhere were roofed with Atlas Chalet and Stratford shingles. But lawsuits filed against Atlas allege that a flaw in the manufacturing process allows water to penetrate the shingle, creating gas bubbles which are "cooked" by the sun. As these "30-year" shingles deteriorate, homeowners have noticed:

  • Cracking and blistering, often within one or two years

  • Significant granule loss, which fades the color or distorts the look

  • Lifting in the wind or loss of shingles

  • Moisture intrusion, damaging the framing or home interior

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Granule Loss